Public Speaker

Public Speaking is helping change perception of what hypnotherapy is and how it can change your life!

Looking for a refreshing and fascinating subject for your event?

Hypnotherapy can cover a vast area so Chanel can tailor this right down to what you would like your audience to get from this experience.

Answering those questions you may have always wanted to ask:

How does the mind work? The difference between the Conscious mind and the Subconscious mind.

What exactly is hypnosis? How does it work?

Answering all of those frequently asked questions and dispelling any myths about “The Hypnotist” and their “Magic Powers”

How about the relationship between hypnotherapy and quantum physics?

What is HypnoBirthing? Can it really be as calm and tranquil as it sounds? More importantly, does it actually work?

You and your audience will have the opportunity to experience hypnosis. To feel so utterly relaxed and re-energised!

Bolsover Castle where Chanel started her public speaking careerChanel has a very unique background in public speaking having started her public speaking career at the breathtaking Bolsover Castle. For many years she took pride in hosting the “Cavalier Horsemanship Displays” in the only remaining indoor working riding school in the whole country!

Chanel would make sure everyone was comfortable and often make her audience laugh and encourage them to cheer and get involved in making the riders (and more importantly the stunning Spanish horses) feel welcome. The more they cheered the more the horses and riders would perform!

The audience would be made up of 120 people from all walks of life and the show would happen 3 times a day! It would Bolsover Castle Riding School where Chanel hosted the showsbe Chanel’s responsibility to make sure the shows ran smoothly and presenting the shows in a professional and calm manner.

Moving away to start a whole new chapter in her life she retrained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist

This opened up a whole new world for her!

Now understanding the power of the mind and that the human body is capable of,  she is now doing something that feels incredible! Empowering people to remove those limiting beliefs that she herself once had.

Public speaking has allowed Chanel to show people just how powerful your mind is. She is able to physically show people how you can change as she has completely changed herself physically and mentally. She has gone from being in chronic pain to not touching any medication since June 2017!

Chanel specialises in bringing your ideal you into your reality! If she can do it, anyone can!

Her presentations allow hypnotherapy to become accessible to all.

Please click on the link below to watch the short videos of Chanel talking about hypnotherapy:

Anunna Healing YouTube channel

Public speaking specifically on:

Hypnotherapy- A wonderful miracle cure!

During this presentation the areas covered are:

To reframe the public perception of what hypnotherapy is,

What it can be used for, how is it a miracle cure?

A full explanation of how your mind works, how the conscious mind and the subconscious mind have very different functions.

How hypnosis works including a brief history of where it all started.

The audience will be invited to take part in hypnosis so they can experience the effects for themselves. Your audience will feel relaxed and re-energised afterwards!

To learn more about Clinical Hypnotherapy please click here

public speaking hypnotherapy and quantum physics!The power of your mind can change your environment (includes a bit on quantum physics! If Chanel can understand it, anybody can!)

During this presentation the areas covered are:

To bring to light the importance of your thoughts and how every thought structures your powerful subconscious mind. This, in turn, effects your environment!

A demonstration with a volunteer from the audience on how negative thoughts physically weaken you and how positive thoughts physically make you stronger.

Learn how your powerful subconscious mind is more efficient than any computer.

Learn how quantum physics link your mind to the outside world. Is it possible to change reality? Does reality even truly exist?

Included in the presentation is a hypnotic demonstration at the end where the audience has the opportunity to go into a trance. Leaving your audience will feel so relaxed and re-energised.

public speaking for HypnoBirthing

HypnoBirthing- Your beautiful body is perfectly capable of birthing your baby in calmness and tranquillity!

During this presentation the areas covered are:

To show all women that bringing a child into the world can truly be tranquil and without discomfort!

You will be given a full explanation of what HypnoBirthing is, where it came from and Chanel’s personal take on HypnoBirthing.

It will aim to show how you can bond with your baby during your pregnancy and the amazing benefits HypnoBirthing can have on you, your baby and your birthing partner.

How having a Birthing Partner can be vital in ensuring your birth happens exactly how you want it to happen!

HypnoBirthing explains how using words such as “pain” and “labour” have a big impact on your subconscious. How using those negative words greatly impact how you experience the birth of your baby.

Included in the presentation is a hypnotic demonstration at the end where the audience has the opportunity to go into a trance. Leaving your audience feeling relaxed and re-energised.

To learn more about HypnoBirthing please click here

If you would like Chanel to do a talk on a specific topic not listed please get in touch through the Contact Us section. We would love to hear from you and will do our very best to accommodate your requests.

Each talk is 2 hours long including experiencing hypnosis themselves. This will include a 10-minute refresh break before the hypnosis begins.

The price for the talk is £250 for a 2-hour presentation. The venue must be within a 25mile radius of S35 9ZX. If the venue is outside of this radius then please contact Chanel directly at to discuss options. She will always do her best to be as accommodating as possible.