Past Life Regression

Past Life RegressionPast Life Regression is a hypnotherapy tool to “take you back” to a previous life you may have lived. Often you may have strange feelings when seeing certain places. Ever had déjà vu when you go to a place for the first time but you are convinced you have been there before. You may have very vivid dreams where you are dressed in clothes that, let’s face it, you certainly don’t wear today!

You start to question this, what if it’s more than just a feeling or strange dream? What if you are having memories of having actually lived on this earth before? Perhaps many times before?

Hypnotherapy will relax your whole body and conscious mind. This will allow your subconscious mind to focus and unlock those potentially hidden memories!

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Where are your past life memories kept?Past Life Regression

There are many different theories in regards to where the memories of past lives are kept! As you can imagine there are a lot of people who instantly dismiss Past Life Regression as completely “made up” and just your “imagination”. These people will not have done any research on the subject! If you require evidence then all you would have to do in this modern age of the internet is actually just type into to your favourite search engines or your favourite video player and hey presto more evidence that you can take in! Our own clients have taken their audio recordings away and were very eager to show us the evidence they have found! Which is always truly fascinating!

Reincarnation Past Life RegressionReincarnation

Is one of the most popular theories in regards to past life regression and is accepted as a truth by nearly all religions and spiritual teachings throughout the whole world. Reincarnation is when we return to this world time and time again in order to learn life lessons and to evolve spiritually. This is something how I personally understand the universe and could explain why people keep experiencing the same problems because they aren’t learning from them! There by accessing these past life’s and discovering the life lesson you can move on and evolve! The benefit to exploring your past lives is to help you get “unstuck” in your current life.

Sometimes you come to a certain point in your life and you keep making the same mistakes or thinking you are having a run of “bad luck” or cant shake a certain illness etc. By giving you the tools to explore a past life you will be able to find the answers you seek and get advice from past mistakes to help you move on in your current life.

Akashic Records

Past Life Regression

Another theory is that people can access the memory of another soul, through the spiritual record of everything. People can also refer to this as Soul Memory. even Einstein understood time is a man-made construct. Linear time doesn’t actually exist in the grand scheme of how the whole universe functions. This explains why people can explore future lives and can go from experiencing a life as a Victorian mill owner then move straight into a life as a Roman soldier!

Genetic memory theory

This is more for the scientific mined amongst us. This theory suggests that our memories are passed on from one generation to another through the cell structure or DNA. Just like our instincts are passed down from generation to generation, do their experiences get passed down too?

However you understand past lives the memories are there just waiting to be accessed!

Whatever experience you have during your regression it will be real to you and that’s all that matters. We want you to get the answers you seek out of your sessions! Whatever the reason you want to go and explore, Chanel will give you the tools to explore a past life. What you experience will be fascinating, it always is, no matter how far back you go! You are even invited to record the audio if you wish. This way you will have the information to go away and research.

Chanel's very own evidance of past lives!

Chanel’s very own evidence of past lives!


Many years ago when Chanel was at university (about 20yrs old), studying film and video production. She had the opportunity to dress up as a Victorian woman (the picture of Chanel to the right). Years later a family member found the picture on the left! As you can imagine her family was gobsmacked! This is why Chanel loves to regress people back to past lives.



Past Life Regression for Special Occasions

Perhaps you have a special occasion coming up and you have been thinking of different and unique ways to celebrate it? Then this is for you! This unique event is a fun way to celebrate Christmas parties, Hen do’s, bachelor parties, corporate events, team bonding etc. Plus, each experience can be tailor-made to your specific theme. Our Christmas themed past life regression parties are just so unique!

With our ‘Group Past Life Regression’ sessions, your guests will be able to explore previous lives and experiences at the same time!

With every session booked all those who participate will be provided with a notepad and pen to write down anything they discover. This will provide an opportunity to research what they have found… this is the most fascinating part; when what they thought was their imagination, becomes fact.