Hypnotherapy for Performance Enhancement

Improve Balance PerformanceThere are so many areas where Hypnotherapy for Performance Enhancement can be used for! We focus on your unique skills set, what you would like to get out of your sessions and what is important to your ethics. All of this is important for us to do our very best for you.

Your physical abilities are paramount, and such concentration on the body often leaves the mind on the back burner! It’s time to unlock your true potential! Chanel creates a Bespoke Performance Enhancement Package to reconnect your powerful mind to your physical abilities. The end result will be achieving everything you set out to do.

Hypnotherapy to enhance any activity uses visualisation techniques to get the client to visualise their top potential, sound too easy? There are many well-known sporting professionals, dancers, actors etc that have used hypnotherapy for their own unique skill sets. Evidence can be found all over the internet of the amazing results they have had!

Improve Golf PerformanceYour mind is more powerful than ANY supercomputer, and your body is connected to this powerful computer! By using hypnosis, you can connect to this untapped potential and really make those changes you need to.


Whatever changes you make in your subconscious have a physical effect on your body!


visualising yourself at your full potential and enhance your confidence and personal belief. See your new skills unfold before your eyes! Work through that problem you just can’t seem to get past. All while staying in a very deep, relaxed and positive state during the trance. It is a very pleasant feeling!

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Enhance Ballet Performance In order for Chanel to provide you with the best service possible, she offers a completely free consultation with absolutely no obligation to book in for a session. This is to ensure she is the right Hypnotherapist for you.

£65 per 1- hour session after initial free consultation.