Hypnotherapy in Your Working Environment

Stressed staff at Work

Have you realised the financial impact on your business having a high staff turnaround and high levels of absent days and are now looking for a solution?

It is understood the average cost of replacing a staff member ranges from 30% of that persons salary up to an incredible 400% if you need to recruit a high level employee. Costs soon add up with advertising costs, training costs plus having to pay your staff extra wages to cover the roles until you find a replacement not to mention your time spent training that new person up again!

Think of how it must look to your clients and customers! Constantly being introduced to new people, how can you build that all important rapport! This may have a knock on effect where it has been known your stability and reputation come into question “If they can’t keep hold of their staff how can they look after me?”. Important clients and customers can slip through your fingers while you are finding a replacement or what could be seen as just as important the staff knowledge of your company? The “in’s and out’s” of the day to day running of the place, the reliable staff who will always turn up for work?Staff in Working Environment

Are you starting to get fed up of “re-doing the rota” and staff complaining about constant changes made?

Hypnotherapy is fast becoming the fresh way to bring your team together to improve many different aspects of your business. Who can benefit from this service? Any business really, from construction to domiciliary care companies (Chanel use to work in this role herself s she knows how high staff turnover is in this industry) to all of your office workers, car dealerships, hospitality industries, you name it!

By using Hypnotherapy in your working environment you will see the benefits:

Improves business reputationStaff in Empty Office

Improves coworker morale

Calmness and clarity in the workplace

Team bonding and communication

Increases efficiency and productivity

Less absence for sickness Happy Working Environment for Staff

What do all these benefits mean for you? It saves you a lot of money and paperwork! HR staff spend less time on paperwork for staff disputes, leavers interviews, advertising job post fees, the list goes on, would you like to see a reduction in this inefficiency?

How it works

Chanel will travel to your business and have an initial consultation with you and anyone you think is relevant in understanding what is causing the inefficiency. Based on this information we will then discuss your bespoke package, what tools Chanel can give you and what hypnotherapy and tools would work best and then how many sessions you will need. The initial consultation is free, if your business is local to S35 9ZX then no travel costs will be incurred even if you chose not to go ahead with the package, if your business is out of the 15 mile radius then a small travel cost will be incurred on a pence by mile basis.

Staff Laughing at Work