Have a Great Nights Sleep!

struggle to sleep?There are many factors that will cause poor quality sleep. Sometimes there are medical reasons such as sleep apnoea, this is when your airway becomes partially or completely blocked, leading to pauses in breathing leading to a reduction in oxygen levels. This causes a person to wake up briefly but repeatedly throughout the night. Others can be environmental factors or work-related issues.

Clinical Hypnotherapy can help “reset” your sleep cycle and make sure your subconscious can do all the wonderful tasks it needs to in order for you to be healthy and calm. There are a variety of ways we can help you regain control over your sleeping patterns.

If you feel like you have had enough of feeling tired constantly you can attend sessions where we can reset your sleep cycle. We will also highlight the areas in your life we can change in order to maximise your chance of getting the best quality sleep you can. Sometimes you just need a fresh pair of eyes on what could be altered slightly to make a difference in your life.

sleep Hypnosis Audio track gift voucher

Sleep Hypnosis Audio track gift voucher

If you know someone who may benefit from better quality sleep and you are thinking of a unique and lasting gift then we may have just the thing! Why not treat them to a bespoke sleep hypnosis track created just for them? For only £10 you can give the gift of sleep! Some clients that have already used this have said they fell asleep even before the end of the track!

The audio track uses a combination of  Chanel’s comforting hypnotic voice and binaural beats to lull you into a restful nights sleep! You can listen to a preview here

To find out more about this wonderful and unique gift please use the contact form on this website or email Chanel direct at chanel@anunnahealing.uk for a quick response.

The benefits of a better quality night sleep

Allows you to “de-stress”

You already know how just having missed one night’s worth of good sleep can make you feel agitated and easily irritable. Stress levels can rise very quickly and once simple tasks can seem impossible! Getting a good quality night’s sleep will allow you to stay calmer and more in control of your emotions much more easily.

Will improve your memory!

This is done during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage. REM is when your powerful mind will be updating your brain, like an update on your computer! Imagine your brain as the most powerful supercomputer in existence! During REM your subconscious uses this time to install new programmes, file away information you have received and organise all those experiences you have had.

If you are studying for exams do your best to have a power nap afterwards, this will give your mind time to process the information, imagine it like a “save” function on your computer!

Sleep well with Anunna HealingWill help with pain relief

While you are sleeping and using a lot less energy your powerful subconscious mind will take this opportunity to heal! Therefore, the more you sleep after an injury the quicker you will heal, plus you won’t feel any pain!

Will boost your immune system!

Prolonged lack of sleep can weaken your immune system. You will be less able to fend off those colds and virus and will take longer to recover too! Studies have even shown that long-term sleep deprivation may lead to long-term mood disorders like depression and anxiety. The studies also concluded that most of the people with anxiety and depression slept for less than 6 hours a night on average.

Will help to prevent diabetes!

Studies have shown that if you receive less than 5 hours a night for a prolonged time will have an increased risk of developing diabetes. The studies suggest this may be down to how the body does not process glucose correctly!

Will help to prevent heart disease!

People with a continuous lack of good quality sleep will not give their subconscious a chance to work its magic by keeping your blood pressure regulated, this will lead to Higher blood pressure which can put you on a slippery slope of heart attacks and strokes!

Will help to increase your sex drive!

Studies have shown that the lack of a good quality nights sleep is related to a lowered libido! The studies also have shown that in men who suffer from sleep apnoea (mentioned earlier) may have lower levels of testosterone levels, which is linked to their libido.

Will improve your chances of conceiving!

It is surely no surprise by now that a lack of libido and hormone release during sleep may have a knock-on effect if you have been trying to conceive a baby. This again is down to your body not being able to release the appropriate hormones in both men and women!

Whatever the reasons you are seeking good quality sleep lets see if we can help you! Hypnotherapy will be able to help with many issues, if you suspect your lack of good quality sleep maybe down to sleep apnoea, please seek your doctor’s advice before consulting with a hypnotherapist

Please use the contact us section for your enquires or  email Chanel at chanel@anunnahealing.uk