Deep Relaxation Group Sessions for Special Occasions

It often goes hand in hand in today’s modern society… our happiest moments in life can be our most stressful when you should be relaxing!

The events that should be some of the most joyful, for example, getting married, having kids, relocating, however with today’s pressures mounting it can also be the most stress-inducing. Whether it’s the pressure of planning a major event or the anxiety of trying to live up to our own expectations of how happy we should be, once-joyful milestones can easily devolve into anxiety-filled events you may end up regretting spending all that money on, however, We are here to help you relax and enjoy every moment of your amazing new adventure!

Wedding Day- Relax

Below is just a short list of examples this Bespoke Package can cater for:

Wedding Day…


All the hard work you and your wedding party have put in for your big day, now it’s your time to relax and have some “you” time.

The night before the wedding we offer a service to come to you and the bridal team, help everyone reach a state of relaxation, unwind and visualise how the day will go so everyone is confidante they know the times and responsibilities they have. Getting a good restful night’s sleep before the big day is vital for brain function and a glowing complexion for the wedding photos!

You’re relocating…Relocating- Relax

If you have made the decision to relocate to another part of the world that’s just that bit too out of reach to your loved ones this service is perfect for you. Its moments like these that really put family and friend’s bonds to the test, can a bond stretch that far away? With Chanel’s help it truly can. Leading up to the departure date everyone is gathered together that is taking part. You will be put into hypnosis and guided through a journey so everyone can accept the situation and reduce stress levels right down. Helping the transition to be as smooth as possible.  

You’re expecting a new arrival in the family…Expecting a New Arrival- Relax

Whether it’s your first time becoming a parent or an experienced parent, adding another precious addition to your family can really raise stress levels. This can become even more stressed if there is an illness involved. What Chanel’s bespoke package can do is gathered all of those precious to you  and get everyone on the same page, going through your plans, welcoming the baby and relaxing everyone.  The specifics of what you would like in your Bespoke Package are all discussed in your initial consultation.

This can also be purchased at a discounted rate is purchased with our HypnoBirthing Package.


If you would like to relax and enjoy that special time you have worked so hard for then this could be just the thing you and your family needs!