Decided To Stop Smoking?

Black SmokeIf you have made the decision to stop smoking then you have come to the right place!

Chanel has created a unique system (and is bespoke for every client). This ensures that you will achieve your goals of stopping smoking once and for all! This will be especially beneficial if you don’t have a lot of time to keep going back for repeat sessions as this will take one 2 hour session! By using hypnotherapy Chanel will be able to relax you very deeply so you start to feel great in yourself while at the same time using powerful suggestions to sink deep into your subconscious mind with her wonderful hypnotic voice.

There is no initial consultation with this session. We will get you booked in as soon as possible.

Many people have attempted well-established methods to quit, often with limited success – or none at all. Methods such as nicotine patches, gum and medication treat your habit as a chemical addiction; it’s not a chemical addiction at all, therefore it doesn’t work! The craving you get to smoke a cigarette is a psychological addiction- a habit! Smoking Cigarette

Each pack of cigarettes have a warning on them highlighting the harm they do to your health. You know this, you are sick of it being rammed down your throat and you feel what harm it does every time you cough or get out of breath. This doesn’t stop you from smoking, and neither did the other methods for a non-existent chemical addiction. You need a fresh outlook on smoking and Chanel has just the thing!

We like to focus on the positive gains from stopping smoking, both physically and psychologically – to take care of you completely. For example:

Saving thousands of £’s a year while at the same time extending your life!

Can lower your chances of erectile dysfunction and improve your chances of having a healthy sexual life.

Your immune system becomes stronger and more efficient

Become more productive

Reduction in your stress levels

Cigarette Ends

Increased Energy

Easier Breathing

More time to do those things you never have time for!

  • …these are among our favourites, but what are the most important personal benefits for you? What is the reason you finally want to become a non-smoker?

Average financial cost for someone who smokes:

Price for a pack of cigarettes (pack of 18) *average Cost per day 20 cigarettes *average Monthly/ annual cost of habit *average
£9.91 £9.91 £277.48/ £3,329.76

With Chanel giving you the tools to stop smoking in one 2 HOUR session, you will be freed from a lifetime of extra cost! No repeat visits again and again before you see results or notice a difference!

Session time- 1 x 2 hour session

Cost- £175, even after your Smoking Cessation Session you will be still in profit by at least £102.48 by no longer being a smoker and that’s just for the rest of the month, imagine the savings after 12 months not to mention how you will feel physically!

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