Bespoke Hypnobirthing Package

Looking for a way to birth your baby in calmness and tranquillity? Hypnobirthing will show you how this is possible and more!

We see Hypnobirthing as one of the most natural and beautiful experiences you can have! You will bring your body and mind back to natures way and remain in control at all times. Learning to listen to your wonderful and beautiful body that has evolved into a perfect birthing machine!

Open your mind to a wonderful and calm experience for you, your birthing partner and most importantly, of course, your baby! From the research Chanel has done using hypnosis for childbirth she has found the length of birthing is reduced and the need for internal stitching (due to perineal tears) can be eradicated!

HypnoBirthing babies are said to be calmer and cry less!Bespoke HypnoBirthing Package

To us, Hypnobirthing is powerful knowledge and a set of techniques, such as breathing and visualizing (amongst others too), which utilizes natures way of birthing your baby.

Take a look at nature. Nature always has the answer. As human beings, we are still the same as all living creatures on earth. These other living creatures give birth without writhing around in pain, screaming, becoming scared and panicky.

So why are humans any different?

We are only different because our perception becomes distorted. You are conditioned subconsciously from a young age by what you hear people say and what is seen on tv. In the media, Birthing is often either portrayed as a comic event or a traumatic event! Please from now on disregard this, it is possible to birth your baby in a relaxed manner!

The reason why a lot of women experience such agonising “pain” during “labour” is fear. When a person experiences fear the arteries to the uterus will tighten up, becoming tense, that what causes the pain! If you understand exactly what is happening in your body the fear is removed, your body is relaxed and your baby comes into this world with little fuss,!

Just look at those words so readily used in the birthing community “pain” and “labour”. By constantly using words like this you are implanting an image into your powerful subconscious mind to prepare for a lot of pain and it’s going to be very hard work! This is because your subconscious mind stores away every piece of information it is given. Instead give it wonderful words that will imprint a positive image of a birth that is so easy, relaxed and calm! What effect do you think it will have on your subconscious? That’s right a birth that’s easy, relaxed and calm!

Why more and more women are choosing Hypnobirthing

pregnant mother

You will feel a lot less fatigued during your birthing, you will have more energy, you will be alert!

Removes any fears before, during and after birth using hypnosis and knowledge, a re-education if you will!

It can depreciate or even completely remove the need for procedures such as “episiotomy” (makes the opening of the vagina a bit wider) or other Chemical interventions!

You will have a shorter “thinning and opening phase” of your cervix that will allow you to use your body’s natural birthing reflex to birth your baby down instead of tiring yourself out by “pushing” out your baby (which is when the tears can occur)!

From the start of your Hypnobirthing package, you and your Birthing Partner will learn how to bond with your baby from prenatal to after the birth! This is a wonderful experience and can have amazing positive effects on all of you!

Your Birthing Partner becomes a vital part of the birthing process, not the “onlooker” anymore! You may also find a stronger closer bond between you both!

You will be able to be free from discomfort after your birth by continuing the skills taught you!

Your baby will be calmer and more adjusted to this world making sleeping easier and taking the breast easier too! It is even possible for Hypnobirthing babies to “crawl” to the breast! A newborn baby so alert, a magical sight to see!

What you will receive as part of your package:

6 sessions of 1.5 hours each, once a week for 6 weeks, total 9 hours of “in-house teaching” one to one private sessions with Chanel.

3 audio tracks- pre-birth bonding for relaxation and preparation for self-hypnosis audio track, an audio track for preparation for birthing once surges start and an audio track for during birthing.

Bespoke Laminated door sign for your birthing room which explains what to expect and takes the pressure off having to repeat yourself or having to explain why you don’t want loud voices in the room etc!

Multiple copies of your bespoke birthing preference sheets for all of your care providers and a spare just in case. Everyone will be on the same page with exactly how you want your birth to go!

Bespoke HypnoBirthing Door Sign

Bespoke Hypnobirthing Door Sign

Techniques on how to reduce or even eliminate perineal tears!

Explore the most effective birthing positions to go along with your Hypnobirthing techniques!

Complete bespoke Hypnobirthing Partner duties checklist to take the “worry” out of remembering everything and bespoke guidelines for mum too!

Taught how to self-hypnotise- a skill which you can use for the rest of your life!

A new vocabulary to use. You will learn to use alternative words t0 “pain” and “labour”.

An assessment to highlight any areas in both your lives that need attention to give you the absolute best start on this new journey.

Birthing Partner taught how to use their hypnotic voice to help ease you into deep relaxation during birthing.

Birthing Partner will be taught how to use light touch massage! This helps to release endorphins during birthing!HypnoBirthing

Techniques to help to bond with your baby right from session one for both of you!

Three breathing techniques that will guide you through your birthing!

Plus, as much knowledge as you can handle, knowledge is power as they say!

Why is Chanel so passionate about your Bespoke Hypnobirthing Package?

Chanel is very passionate about helping women to give birth exactly as they would like to give birth. Where does this passion come from? Chanel is the eldest sibling of 7 children, the youngest being just 5!  She was even her mothers birthing partner when she was just 15 years old! Chanel wishes she had known about HypnoBirthing years ago to help her own mother through her birthings after what she witnessed in the delivery room!

This kind of experience has given Chanel such a unique insight. It is also why she understands how important it is for you to bring your child into this world in a calm environment. Making the birthing process as tranquil as it should be, and it can be tranquil!

This is Chanel with all the siblings together shortly after the latest one was born!

This is Chanel with all the siblings together shortly after the latest one was born!

When should you start your HypnoBirthing Package?

You can start your HypnoBirthing Package between 25 to 30 weeks into your pregnancy.

Your requirements:

You and your birthing partner must be available for your birthing sessions. It would be beneficial if you can attend as many sessions as possible together. This package is all about teamwork after all!

You must practice the techniques taught to you on a daily basis.

Please stop listening to horrific birth stories. This will not be you and those stories are only affecting your subconscious in a negative way!

Contact your healthcare professionals to let them know you are considering a natural birth.

You must first attend an initial consultation. This will be your time to ask any questions and to make sure you are right for this package. Chanel does NOT take bookings there and then. This has to be truly right for you and your birthing partner.

Total package costs: £350 for all 6 sessions, 3 audio tracks, multiple copies of your birthing preference sheets and your very own laminated bespoke door sign for your birthing room.

Please click here If you would like to read more about how hypnotherapy works.

A statement from a dear friend and also a wonderful mother who used our HypnoBirthing techniques for her very own birth of her beautiful daughter:

“The main thing I found with hypnobirthing was that it gave me focus when I was anxious and partially when my Labour was taken out of my hands it kept me feeling positive in scary times. The doctors were also very surprised I had no tears with what I had to endure. With your help, I would not have been able to focus and stay positive and would probably have ended up with a Caesarian. So Thankyou so much sweetie! My baby is so calm and chilled as well.”