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Anunna Healing Hypnotherapy & Reiki (Click here for the Definition of Usui Shiki Ryoho) Healing for South Yorkshire.

Anunna is the plural word for the Anunnaki Gods, a race of gods that lived during the earliest advanced human civilisation in Sumer, otherwise known as modern day Iraq. Therefore, Anunna Healing means to be healed by the gods, a very powerful suggestion to start with and suggestion plays a very big part in hypnotherapy!

Chanel Maxfield is the fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and also a member of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. Her partner Garry is the Creative Director producing all of our bespoke audio tracks, music, website, you name it!

As our client, you can be assured during all of our sessions you are treated with complete respect and dignity. We do not use our tools in a “one size fits all” kind of way, instead, we give you the tools to use them in a way that works for you. Our clients are in control at all times which in itself is a comforting thought.

Your initial consultation is your time to talk through those unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviours in a very open-minded environment, which is something we feel so proud of, giving people time to unburden themselves.

Chanel Maxfield

Chanel Maxfield, Clinical Hypnotherapist Anunna Healing








Chanel is a modern Clinical Hypnotherapist who takes a lot of her thoughts about Hypnotherapy from learning about Quantum Physics!

By breaking matter down to its very atoms, scientists were able to discover atoms behaved like particles vibrating but also like waves. Meaning they can change, disappear and reappear wherever they want! This discovery has lead scientists to come to the conclusion nothing is really solid! The “Unified Field Theory and the “Super String Theory” can really open your mind to the limitless possibilities of your powerful subconscious mind!

Originally from Bolsover, Chanel worked as a domiciliary carer for a time gaining so much life experience from her “service users. During this time Chanel also completed her level 2 in Health and Social Care. This gave her so much knowledge about patient care, confidentially, safeguarding and data protection amongst other things. Having moved to Sheffield with her Partner she retrained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and is where her practice is now based.

Chanel graduated from Innervisions School of Clinical Hypnotherapy with a diploma in the subject. Chanel is also a registered HypnoSlimmer consultant and a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register.

Being a vibrant character that practice what she preaches she went through the HypnoSlimmer programme herself!  From this, you can physically see the power of your subconscious mind and the physical changes it can bring!

Garry Johnson


Garry is the Creative Director at Anunna Healing. He is a highly intelligent man currently working as a Senior .Net Analyst Programmer at Red Ledge Ltd.

Serving in the RAF as a Senior Intelligence Officer for 4 years Garry was stationed in various places including along the Turkey and Iraq border during the early 90’s. Now as Creative Director of Anunna Healing, he has the very important role of keeping the business constantly moving forward. Composing and producing all of the hypnotic music himself.

Garry is currently training to become a Reiki Master to join the business offering his own Holistic Health Service.