Recording New Hypnotic Audio Tracks

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This week we have been recording more audio tracks for my clients and thought I would share this process! As you can see from the images that is my partner Garry’s music studio, he is the genius behind the audio tracks I provide to my clients! I record my voice using quality equipment then it can take quite a lot of after tweaking by Garry to make sure the music operates on theta waves and has the correct sound effects and has removed my mistakes too!

Theta waves happen in your brain when you are in a state of relaxation (or hypnosis in this case) it allows the suggestions made within your audio track to go into your subconscious mind much more easily.

Please click on the video below to watch a short clip of myself recording a sleep audio track that will soon be available to download after testing it is effective. The audio track will be specifically for people who work night shifts and find it difficult to “switch off” in order to receive a good quality sleep.

Listening to this short clip will also give you a sense of my “Hypnotic Voice”, if you like the sound of my voice there is a very good chance your Hypnotherapy sessions will be successful as you will already get a sense of how I sound to your subconscious mind!



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